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We go all the way

We’re more than just a retailer of electric bikes and electric scooters, we also add value, personality and support you with all your needs all over Australia.

Our Services

Personal mobility is “Personal”

Want to custom your electric scooter or electric bike to make it uniquely you? We are here to assist you with any requirements you might need and advice you in customizing your electronic scooter or electronic bike.

Your Inspiration is our challenge

At STARWHEELS Electronics, we listen to your requirements and can make tailored changes and improvements to your scooter or eBike to ensure a smooth ride for your daily needs and activities.

Providing a wide range of spare parts for all purposes and ready to be part of your E-Scooter, which is essentially quite significant. Minimum down times and quick turnaround. Our parts are sourced from quality supplier we tested and partnered with for years.

Our Engineering service and technicians specialize in making the best out of your scooter accessories and optimize your ride. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will make it happen
Had a bad day on your scooter or eBike, no problems, we offer complete repair service.
To get the most out of your scooter or eBike, it is recommended that you service it regularly.
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