As a rider, you must make yourself familiar with the applicable rules and regulations for scooters and eBikes in Australia. The Australian Motor Vehicles Standard Act 1989 is the federal legislation that governs the importation and supply of ‘road vehicles’ to our market. This act regulates what be imported to Australia. However, once the vehicle (or scooter) is imported, the State or Territory Transport Department will have the relevant laws and information required for electric scooting.

According to the act, STARWHEELS Electronics products fall under the non-road vehicle category, which means they can only be used on private properties due to their speed and power ratings.

The table below shows a summary to what is allowed in every state.

LocationLegal PubliclyLegal PrivatelyConditions for public use *
VICYesYes200W power 10km/h
QLDYesYes25km/h (20km/h Townsville rideshare)
ACTYesYes15km/h on footpaths, 25km/h on shared/bike paths
SARideshare onlyYes15km/h
NTYesYes200W power 10km/h (15km/h for Darwin rideshare)
WAYesYes200W power 10km/h
TASYesYes200W power 10km/h
As a rider, you must adhere and make sure you follow the regulations in your state to ensure your safety and the safety of other members of you the community, especially if riding in public spaces. This way you can enjoy your riding experience, and have fun while avoiding fines, penalties, and legal implications.

The obvious NOs

Like any other vehicle… No Drink Riding, and DO NOT use your phone while riding your scooter.

Current situation

Laws and regulations relating to Electric Scooter and eBike are currently under review with Federal government and State and Territories authorities. With e-mobility becoming more and more popular, it is expected that law will be relaxed, and trend to be better regulated.
This maybe require an investment in infra structure to create scooter friendly environment which we all wish and look forward to.

Safety and Road Sharing

  • Always look out pedestrians, avoid riding in crowded places and give way.
  • Make sure you are wearing a Helmet
  • Protective gear is also recommended, especially if you are a new rider.
  • Give way to pedestrians and always give them plenty of room/space.
  • Stay within the speed limit for your state or Territory. Avoid riding in dark areas and always ensure that you have enough lighting at night.
  • Respect road rules and regulations, and always be aware of your surroundings.