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Looking for an electric scooter or electric bike? You are at the right place.

At STARWHEELS Electronics AUSTRALIA, personal mobility is just that “PERSONAL”. We offer a wide range of electric scooters and E-Bikes to suit any budget and any experience and adventure level.

We started as the leading designer manufacturer, supplier, and retailer of electric mobility needs since 2015, We have sold more than 5800 units as of December 2020 since our inception and STARTWHEELS won the Rising Star Award at the Asia Automotive Award 2019 in Malaysia. With our guided help, unmatched after-sales services, and experts, we are here to help you find the right electric scooter and electric bike for you.

STARWHEELS Mission Statement

We aim to create urban mobility that is sustainable, friendly, and safe. Our range of scooters and e-bikes is deigned by our engineers to offer the ultimate specifications and quality components.

With this growth, the launch of the brand in Australia has come to reality.

We have outlets all over Malaysia, and now we are starting our branch in Melbourne Australia.


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